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Hi Chris, sorry to write in english but could you please tell me why you reverted my editions in the page above? All informations are correct as you can see in the english Wikipedia. Merci [[Utilisator:DARIO SEVERI|DARIO SEVERI]] ([[Discussion utilisator:DARIO SEVERI|discussion]]) 24 d’octobro 2016 a 05:12 (UTC)
:It was just a mistaken reverted edition by accident while using my iPad. [[User:ChrisPtDe|Chris<font color="green"><b>P</b></font><font color="red"><b>t</b></font>De]] <sup>[[User Talk:ChrisPtDe|<b>bl<small>@</small>bl<small>@</small></b>]]</sup> 24 d’octobro 2016 a 14:52 (UTC)