Difèrences entre les vèrsions de « Israèl »

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Rèvocacion des changements de (discutar) de vers la dèrriére vèrsion de פארוק
p (Rèvocacion des changements de (discutar) de vers la dèrriére vèrsion de פארוק)
[[File:Flag of Palestine - long triangle.svg|thumb|]]
[[File:Jerusalem from mt olives.jpg|thumb|Dome in Jerusalem The Capital City Of Palestine]]
[[File:1 Palestine Pound 1939 Obverse.jpg|thumb|]]
[[File:عملة فلسطينية معدنية.jpg|thumb|]]
[[File:British Mandate Palestinian passport.jpg|thumb|]]
[[File:Palestine recognition only.svg|thumb|]]
[[File:1759 map Holy Land and 12 Tribes.jpg|thumb|PALESTINE 1759]]
[[File:Modern Palestine, Illustrated atlas, and modern history of the World, 1851.jpg|thumb|PALESTINE 1851]]
[[File:1864 Johnson Map of Israel, Palestine, or the Holy Land - Geographicus - Palestine-j-64.jpg|thumb|PALESTINE 1864]]
[[File:Map of Palestine in Russian, a. 1900.jpg|thumb|PALESTINE 1900]]
[[File:Palestine according to Eusbius and Jerome - Smith 1915.jpg|thumb|PALESTINE 1915]]
[[File:BritishMandatePalestine1920.png|thumb|Palestine 1920]]
[[File:Palestine south 1924.jpg|thumb|PALESTINE 1924]]
[[File:Palestina 1946.jpg|thumb|PALESTINE 1946]]
[[File:UN Partition Plan Palestine.png|thumb|PALESTINE 1947]]
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