na actor → un actorChangiér

(...) est na actor amèriquen → est un actor amèriquen... ou ben n' actrice (por les femèles). Mas en lengoua arpetana, diont pas "na actor". Bôna jornâ a tè! Auvé73 (discutar) 3 septembro 2014 a 20:49 (UTC)

  • Hello. Did you understand what I telled you the 3rd of september? Because you're still making a lot of articles on this Wikipedia with the same linguistic error again and again! I don't like to say this, but if you don't understand the structure of our language, please stop then making articles, because this isn't helping us. Best regards, Auvé73 (discutar) 19 septembro 2014 a 10:36 (UTC).